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Hi there Tumblr! My name's Lulu and I'm here to answer all the splendiferous questions you all have to offer. Now, who's next?

((I keep accidentally logging in to this account.  The temptation to start a fresh Lulu blog is rising…))

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((I’m still absent from here, but I wanted to wish everyone who followed me when I was active a very merry Christmas.  *Hugs you all*  Maybe one day my Lulu muse will wander back!))

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((*Pulls out a rocking chair*  Yes Rena, yes we are.
And Lin, when I started my Lulu blog there were perhaps…three of us?  Then for a looooong time I was the only one o_O))

((*Pulls out a rocking chair*  Yes Rena, yes we are.

And Lin, when I started my Lulu blog there were perhaps…three of us?  Then for a looooong time I was the only one o_O))

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((First of all! You’re an awesome Lulu, so don’t feel bad about having so many clones! It’s a Lulu-party~! 8D Secondly, about your question of how many Lulus are there… ummm… I’m following about nine or ten I think, including you :3))
((*hugs*  Thank you :3  Like I said, I’m not closing Lulu down - I’m just not going to keep pushing myself to try and be active here constantly which means I can focus on developing my other ask-blogs :) ))
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How Many Lulus are there now?

((I think I’m just going to sit in my inactivity corner.  I don’t want to close Asksorceresslulu, but…well, I haven’t been properly active for months now and there are many other Lulus that are doing a much better job.  So I am going to sit here in my fluffy socks, whilst my Lulu, Pix and dear Errol let the others have a play.


It’s not the end of me RPing though, I’m going to go to some effort to bring back my Sona blog and give my Caitlyn one a real kick up the butt.  So, if anyone still wishes to RP/Ask me things please pop on over to:

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Gee, it sure is rainy today!  Where’d Mister Sunshine go?

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Me and Pixy are on the rosterers for this week!  Looks like we’re gong to be super duper busy playing with all of these Summoners!

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the-madju asked: "Yes yes yes! to long indeed little Lulu. While little Lulu was gone, Madju was busy expanding his territory, and while doing that, Madju found something that he thinks you would like. Want to see it?"


"Expanding?  I hope Mister Madju didn’t give anything ouchies whilst he was there!  That wouldn’t be so goodsie!"  Her attention is distracted when he says he has something for her.  "A present?  Of course I would Mister Madju!"

((Sorry, Tumblr ate the ask D:))

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lux-crownguard asked: "Hey Lulu! I wondered if we could make cupcakes together once... Real ones! Not like... People-ones! It'd be fun!"


Lulu grins excitedly up at Lux.  “For realsies?  That would be wonderfluffle!  I bet you’re the besterest at making cupcakes!  I bet they’ll be so light and floofy we’ll have to catch them with netses so we can ice them!”

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((Ach, what do I do…I desperately want to RP as Lulu but my Muse seems to be as fighty as an invisible butterfly, and there are so many Lulu’s around that are so much more active than mine and no one wants to RP with a rusty old baggage like me because I keep disappearing for days on end because I want to RP but don’t want to leave people waiting whilst I struggle for the right words. Maybe I should just pack up my bags and disappear…but that would be rude to those few people who do actually talk to me…*crawls under desk*))

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